Natural Phosphate Replacement

We have expanded our proven meat protection VegStable® line with a rice bran extract that replaces synthetic phosphates without compromising functionality or sensory appeal.

Consumers demand recognizable and clean-label ingredients, especially with meat products. Processors have an opportunity to differentiate by replacing chemically-derived ingredients with label friendly alternatives.

Functional Benefits

  • Manage yield, moisture retention
  • Retain juiciness, tenderness and flavor
  • Reliable sliceability
  • Maintain shelf life
  • Highly soluble in brine applications
  • Patent pending
  • Labeled as “natural flavor” or “rice bran extract”


  • Deli meats & ham
  • Sausage & hot dogs
  • Meatballs
  • Roast beef
  • Marinated fresh/fully-cooked poultry
  • Beef & pork

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