Thursday, April 24, 2014


Natural Cure

Smoke HousePerfected over centuries, in Old World Eurasia, cures were originally developed for meat preservation and evolved into the great tasting, aesthetically pleasing, cure delicacies consumed worldwide. Curing agents, originally a natural component of sea salt, react with the oxymyoglobin yielding the appetizing pink color common in cures. Prosciutto, Chorizo, and Mettwurst are examples of what were originally natural cures and through science developed into the more efficient synthetic-cured products available in retail outlets today. Consumers are now demanding natural alternatives


Veg stableVEG STABLE™ is a natural cure alternative for use in all types of cured meats. Minimally processed and produced without the use of synthetic substances, VEG STABLE™ can be used as a replacement for sodium nitrite/nitrate. Labeled as celery powder or natural flavor Veg Stable provides curing and shelf stability in a natural, easy to use powder form.


 Advantages of Natural Cure

For the Manufacturer: For the Retailer: For the Consumer:

Soluble in Water Value
Convenient Powder Form
Shelf Stable
Low Use Rate
Origin: USA

Added Opportunity
Label Friendly
Shelf Stable Cure Alternative

Appealing Color and Flavor
All Natural/Organic